Everyday Woo Woo

Ep. #16 - Dream big - Manifesting in the real world

October 9, 2018

Everyday Woo Woo Episode #16 Show Notes


EPISODE TITLE: Ep. #16 - Dream big - Manifesting in the real world


We focus this week’s conversation around the topic of manifestation and our thoughts around real world integration of the Law of Attraction. We dive into the episode by taking deep breaths and clearing the space.


We end up discussing…


  • @leefromamerica discussion around inclusive events
  • Is law of attraction a white privilege concept?
  • Our philosophies around manifestation
  • Creating vision boards
  • Manifesting a life partner?
  • Our manifestation experiences
  • LOA lessons
  • Woo Woo book club!
  • Intentions for the week


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