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Ep. #17 - Period power - Embracing your cycle with Megan Lierley

October 17, 2018

This week we interview Megan Lierly!


Megan Lierley is the Head of Content at Cora, a lifestyle brand giving women a modern method for managing their periods. She is the Managing Editor of Cora's content site, Blood and Milk, a community and resource focused on women's health. Megan also blogs on her personal site. You can find her in-person in San Francisco, or online @megblierley.

We were so excited to dive in and learn from Megan! We end up discussing…


  • Megan’s background & work with Cora and Blood + Milk


  • Her journey gaining confidence with her writing


  • Using your voice


  • First period stories


  • Period poverty


  • Periods, periods, periods - changing the conversation and becoming more knowledgeable about our cycles


  • Phases of the cycle and how it impacts our energy and vibration


  • What info should we share with our boyfriends?


  • Impact, advocacy and balancing staying informed with self care


  • The magic of being a woman


  • How Megan manifested a boyfriend that gives her period presents

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