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Ep. #20 - Darkest before the Dawn - how to navigate stress and burnout to build your dream career

November 7, 2018

This week we share an Episode of the I AM CEO Podcast where Sydney is a guest sharing her journey to become an entrepreneur and CEO. We also have an intro from Laura who touches on some of the themes that Sydney covers in her episode.


We cover:


  • Burnout & Stress and how we can handle it


  • False beliefs that may be keeping us in jobs we don’t want


  • Finding your passion


  • Healing yourself through aligning your life with your passions


  • How Sydney helps clients live the lives they want to lead through 1:1 coaching


  • Sydney’s CEO secret sauce


  • Sydney’s CEO hack


  • Sydney’s CEO wisdom nugget


  • What being a CEO means to Sydney


Resources & References:



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