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Ep. #21 - It makes it all worth it - Krista and Lindsey from the Almost 30 Podcast on growing a business and empowering a community

November 14, 2018


We couldn’t be more excited to interview our ultimate expanders -- Krista and Lindsey from the Almost 30 Podcast! This is episode is a real life manifestation and we couldn’t be happier to share it with you.


The four of us dive into:


  • How Almost 30 inspired us to start Everyday Woo Woo
  • Krista’s journey from auditioning for Soul Cycle to co-creating Almost 30!
  • What attracted Krista and Lindsey to each other
  • Almost 30’s “Why"
  • Krista and Lindsey’s past lives together
  • Why podcasting is such a powerful medium
  • K + L’s personal struggles with self image and the universal struggle of accepting ourselves
  • How Krista and Lindsey learned to be vulnerable
  • Guests on Almost 30 who have stood out in helping K + L get into alignment
  • Connecting with your spirit guides
  • Krista’s thoughts on growing as an individual and as a couple
  • Lindsey’s experience as a single person and tapping into her soul
  • The launch of Your Podcast Pro!
  • Balancing accepting where you are now and where you can evolve
  • Krista and Lindsey’s daily meditation practice
  • The Almost 30 Dream Guest list


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