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Ep. #22 - Your soul’s mission - Learning from past lives to empower us in the present with Karen Downing

November 22, 2018

This week we interview Karen Downing!


Karen Downing is a Soul Mission Facilitator, focusing on the subconscious effects of past lives on the present. Karen’s Soul Mission is to guide you to live a life of empowerment and walk confidently in the direction of your success. Whether you wish to let go of fearful beliefs and behaviors, or seek guidance on how to take the next steps on your life path, Karen is here to assist. Karen’s approach combines spirituality with professional mentoring to help you uncover the unconventional influences on your career path.

We were so excited to dive in and learn from Karen! We end up discussing…


  • What is a past lives reader?


  • Why we had past lives and how to learn from them


  • Our soul’s mission versus our life purpose in each lifetime and how to find out our purpose


  • Karen’s psychic gifts and how she discovered them


  • Behavioral patterns in our present and how this might reflect our past life archetypes


  • Examples of common past life archetypes and ways to unblock


  • How to integrate lessons from past lives


  • Some universal struggles (i.e. anxiety, addictions, money problems) and what this might reflect about our past life experience


  • Studies around past lives


  • How she explains her work to skeptics


  • What goes down in a session with Karen


  • A psychic dive into one of Sydney’s past lives as a servant!


  • People in our lives that we’ve  spent past lives with


  • How the concept of a “soulmate” can be limiting and what that word even means


  • Insight into Sydney’s future soulmate and tips on how to manifest yours


  • How to connect to the “divine drop” in your daily life

How to find Karen:





Other resources and references:


  • “Many Lives Many Masters” by Brian L. Weiss, M.D.


  • “Journey of Souls” by Michael Newton, Ph.D.


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