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Ep. #23 - Letting spirit guide you - Reactivating your intuition and receiving messages from beyond with Natalie Miles

November 28, 2018

This week we interview Natalie Miles!


Natalie is a Spiritual Guide & Mentor. Her mission is to support your spiritual journey by connecting you with your Guides – your cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. Natalie can guide you, help you find the answers you seek, and clear any blocks in your way, allowing you to heal the past and feel a sense of empowerment you once thought was only for others.

We had the most amazing conversation with Natalie! We end up discussing…


  • How Natalie learned to use her intuitive gifts as a child


  • How we can all reactivate our intuitive gifts


  • Nightmares and what we can learn from them


  • Connecting with our Guides


  • Natalie’s Saturn Return and how the universe was sending her life boulders


  • Tests from the Universe and what they are telling us


  • Messages for Sydney from spirit around her business


  • Messages for Laura from spirit around her health


  • Natalie’s daily spiritual practice


  • How to find out the name of your guides


  • Channeling messages from people who have passed on, including messages for both Laura and Sydney from loved ones

How to connect with Natalie:


  • Natalie’s  instagram @iamnataliemiles
  • Natalie’s website https://natalie-miles.com/
  • www.soyouthinkyouareintuitive.com/ - Natalies amazing podcast!

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